In Istanbul,there are many visiting places which considered as sacred by different religious views.The places where a holy man is buried like Eyup Sultan,Seyh Yahya,Tezveren Baba,Sultan Mehmed Resad Han,Muslims every period of the year especially on Ramazan visits those places.In these mausoleum it is possible too see busy visitor particularly on fridays.

For getting further by time,faiths,rituals are variable,however wishing or begging for something from god or something almighty continues without interruption.

People visit mausoleums,entombed saints for hundreds and hundreds years or bind clothes for healing,marriage,to have children even wish for protection of their son on the army.

Seyh Yahya Mausoleum

Tezveren Baba Mausoleum

Sultan Mehmed Resat Han

Eyup Sultan

Ayia Yorgi Church

Contributor(s): Naz Almac