Cemeteries of Istanbul

Despite all the effort, it hadn't been possible to prevent the cemeteries from spreading over the city and becoming a part of it. After the proclamation of republic, this situation was not handled properly,and with some insubstantial excuses, government tried to eliminate most of those cemeteries.

Within this process, many gravestones got lost or used for other purposes and non Muslims were not given the right to protect their environment. Probably for this reason, now, it is forbidden to enter the non Muslim cemeteries without permission.

Today, it is no longer possible to find any space in those cemeteries close to the center.
Nontheless, the sentence on the gate 'And Every Living Thing Will Taste Death' relieves those, who still want to be buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

Karaca Ahmet Cemetery

Haidar Pasha Cemetery

Eyup Cemetery

Asiyan Cemetery