Seyh Yahya Turbesi

Seyh Yahya located on Besiktas.The place built by Yavuz Sultan Selim by Mimar Sinan.Seyh Yahya was born in Trabzon,1495.While,Kanuni Sultan Suleyman's father Yavuz Sultan Selim governor on Trabzon Seyh Yahya was born and drink milk from Yahya Efendi's mother.

Seyh Yahya take elementary education from Ali Celebi at Trabzon then came Istanbul studies with Zenbilli Ali Efendi.After becoming "mudresse" he hermitages.He purchase the place which now become a mausoleum and set a mosque,madrasah,hammam and a fountain.The Seyh Yahya mausoleum become a place which too much visited.Also after voyage the sailors visitation become a tradition.

Superstitional Rituals of Istanbul